Mergers & Acquisitions

Hunt, Patton & Brazeal offers over 30 years of experience providing advisory services on either the buyer/funder side or on the company/seller side of a merger, acquisition, or other capitalization transaction. We are growth consultants – not investment bankers. Unlike many firms, we do not charge for our advisory services on an hourly fee basis. Rather, our firm typically works on a retained or contingent basis, depending on the specific requirements of each consulting assignment. We offer expertise in multiple industries, including all types of engineering; traditional and renewable energy; power generation, transmission, and distribution; water resources; medical devices; and medical service firms.

HPB has been successfully retained by many companies seeking private capital to stimulate internal growth, enter new markets, or launch new technologies. Our established relationships with numerous private equity investors provide innovative funding options to growth-oriented smaller firms. We have also been retained by larger companies, both U.S. and internationally-based, to locate synergistic privately held companies with which they can merge to provide an expanded scope of services or expanded geographic scope. Some non-U.S. firms have hired HPB to assist them in developing a presence in the U.S. market through merger or acquisition. We work to ensure that merger or acquisition targets meet buyers’ specific criteria – always on a confidential basis.

HPB has successfully assisted in mergers, acquisitions, and capitalization transactions ranging in size from $3 million to $150 million. We can help manage the transfer of confidential strategic and financial information, make inquiries on our clients’ behalf, arrange and facilitate meetings and site visits, and assist in the negotiation process to help ensure a successful deal closing. Our track record and our expertise can help put our clients at ease, taking care of the time-consuming tasks involved in a funding or M&A negotiation and enabling your executive team to continue to focus on your primary business.

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Arnett & Burgess
A&b acquired by Quanta Services
Braemar Technical Services has interest in Braemar Casbarian
Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc.
Lauren Engineers has Acquired Concise Design
Demar Engineering Construction
Demar Engineering Construction has been acquired by Burrow Global
Atlas Engineering
Atlas Engineering has been acquired by Foster Wheeler Corp.
S&B Engineers & Constructors Ltd.