M&A Consulting Services

Customized Market Studies and Other Research Services

Whether you are exploring merger or acquisition partners in targeted market segments, investigating joint venture arrangements or other market expansion opportunities, or positioning your own business for sale, Hunt, Patton & Brazeal can help you achieve your strategic objectives by providing up-to-the-minute market information through our customized market research and analysis services. We offer expertise in multiple industries, including all types of engineering; traditional and renewable energy; power generation, transmission, and distribution; water resources; medical devices; medical information systems; and medical service firms.

Identifying Potential Merger, Acquisition, or Joint Venture Targets for Buyers

Customized market studies from Hunt, Patton & Brazeal are an ideal way for strategic buyers or private equity firms to quickly get up to speed on unfamiliar industries, market segments, or new geographic regions. We are uniquely positioned through our network of contacts to gather information on privately held companies in our targeted market areas of expertise. By researching both secondary (published) market information and conducting customized interviews with key executives in the targeted market segment, we provide our research clients with a unique understanding of relevant market dynamics. Our market studies, which typically require no more than four weeks to turn around, are designed to:

1.  Provide an insider’s overview of the targeted industry, segment, or region;

2.  Identify the strategic direction and potential strengths and weaknesses of each major prospect for a potential acquisition or joint venture;

3.  Understand each prospect’s level of interest in different types of business combinations, based on direct input from members of the management team;

4.  Provide an analysis which highlights which prospects would provide the best strategic fit and potential synergies with the client company.

If needed, we can also conduct research with the target company’s customer base to verify that customer relationships are likely to continue after a merger or acquisition has been completed. Our market studies prepare the strategic buyer or private equity investor to react quickly to market opportunities, and often lead to successful acquisition transactions.

Assisting Sellers to Identify and Evaluate Prospective Buyers or Funders

Business owners who are interested in selling or obtaining capital funding for their companies need to understand the strategic priorities of potential buyers or funders. Hunt, Patton & Brazeal’s consulting studies can help seller companies narrow down the universe of possible buyers and funders to a manageable list of prospects that represent the highest probabilities of a mutually beneficial, successful transaction. Our long-standing relationships with U.S. and multinational strategic buyer companies, as well as with private equity firms actively in search of acquisitions, provides a tremendous resource for privately-held companies seeking to sell. HPB also works with seller companies to assist in valuing their income streams, fixed assets of the businesses, and the less tangible assets, such as relationships with their customer base, their number and scope of master service agreements, and their reputation in the industry. We also develop seller-specific marketing materials for presentations to potential buyers and investors.

Prices for our market studies and related research and analysis services vary based on the scope of investigation and the complexity of the industry or market involved.

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