Legal Contract Rap

Legal Contract Rap

Yo, listen up, I’m here to lay it down, the legal contract rap, gonna turn that frown upside down. From the contract sale of goods, to contract law cases and answers, gonna break it down, no need for guessers.

Tense agreement in writing, gotta make sure it’s all thrilling, keeping it tight, no room for spilling. Yo, is abortion legal in New Mexico? Gonna keep it real, no need for a demo.

From informal contract examples, to what a contract is for, gonna break it down, no need for a tour. China Philippines trade agreement, keeping it strong, no need for a disparagement.

Gotta understand that Microsoft Outlook license agreement, and the written agreement between husband and wife. Protecting your work, no need for strife, check out LegalZoom copyright book, no need to think twice.

So there you have it, the legal contract rap, understanding the law, no need for a trap. Gotta keep it real, no need for a zap, so take a breather, and give yourself a tap.