About Us

Hunt, Patton & Brazeal, Inc., was founded in 1983 by a group of human resource professionals with significant career experience in engineering and EPC firms based in the southwestern region of the United States. Our clients, both for executive search and merger & acquisition services, have included many of the major firms in these industries, as well as numerous smaller businesses. Our business has grown and expanded over the years and we now have offices in Houston, TX, Denver, CO, Tulsa, OK and Washington, D.C.

Originally, our founders saw a need for human resource consulting and services focused on the needs and growth of the whole enterprise. This mission expanded to one of developing individuals and companies, including executive search services, individual career counseling and placement or repositioning services, corporate growth services in organizational structuring and growth consulting, acquisition services (primarily the acquisition of privately held companies), consulting on the integration of acquired companies, and owner transition services (assisting founding owners locate buyers).

Through the years, we have developed an extensive network of executives and managers in the industries we serve – contacts developed through successful executive search candidate placement, M&A and other individual and corporate services. This network is a significant asset and strength of our company, allowing us to offer you a strong competitive advantage.

Have questions about how we can find the right talent for your team?

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